Going Pro

I designed NextAction so that most people could do everything they’d need to without going Pro. Of course, if you do lots of different tasks in different contexts, like Home and Work, you’ll really appreciate how Pro can help.

Pro’s main feature is the ability to name and save selections.


With a single tap you can narrow your focus to a coherent set of tasks.

If, say, you’re out running errands, you can tap to quickly zero in on the things you need to do while you run around.

Now everything from Status on down will show you only what you selected.

Want to see which Errands are Ready? Just tap!


Pro also gives you access to slighly more advanced selection criteria.


Like the ability to create a selection of completed tasks, incomplete tasks, or both.

In NextAction, “Pro” really does mean “Pro.” Most people won’t need it. But, hey, it’s good to know it’s there!

(Want to know more about the hows and whys of selecting? Look here.)